By Road:

One can approach Tatev by road or by tramway, though be warned that a large portion of the road from the highway to Tatev is unfinished and may add some wear and tear to your vehicle. There are a number of tour providers in Yerevan that provide taxi and bus service directly to the monastery and back, and also many local drivers who serve as shared taxis, and can take guests from Yerevan to Tatev Village or the Halidzor tram station. For assistance planning your taxi to Tatev, please call the Info Center.

If you prefer to find your way to Tatev on your own, you can take a marshutka or shared taxi to Goris, and from there find a taxi directly to Tatev, the price of which generally ranges from 6,000-10,000 drams. A shared taxi from Yerevan to Halidzor tram station generally costs 5,000-7,000 drams.

By Air:

The Wings of Tatev aerial tramway is an unforgettable experience and one we highly recommend you try during your visit. Please visit for more information about the tramway.