One of Zarine’s incredible meals at the info center.

Tatev Village is a great place to experience authentic Armenian cuisine and produce, as the region is famous for its herbs, beans, and honey, and boasts many unique local dishes. The Tatev Info Center Cafe is a great place to have a traditional Armenian meal, with a constantly changing array of fresh-baked cakes and gata for dessert. Homestay families also provide meals, and there is an outdoor restaurant by the tramway, as well as local vendors selling their own baked goods. Be sure to try regional specialties such as:

  • Lavash, traditional Armenian flatbread baked in underground ovens called tonirs, which you can see in many local homes
  • Jengelov hats, a delicious thin dough filled with a mixture of fresh herbs and baked or fried
  • Ourts tea, a soothing herbal tea made with local thyme and spearmint
  • Fruit jam, especially apricot!
  • Local honey
  • Harissa, a hearty wheat and chicken porridge that is great when the weather is cooler
  • Khorovadz, typical Armenian barbecue
  • Lobi, the flavorful local beans
  • Gata, Armenian sweet bread with filling
  • Madzoun, local yogurt
  • Homemade mulberry vodka